MEGAMONDE Operations

MEGAMONDE OPERATIONS is the Business Development Unit of MEGAMONDE group, a department dedicated to provide international investors who wish to invest in the Burkinabe market the right structure and support needed. 

Known for its unprecedented experience, its facilities and its human and material resources, it is the ideal partner to bridge the gap between the West and Africa. 
Its scope extends from brokerage for participation in biddings, through facilitation and assistance with market penetration, to subcontracting part of the activities of its partners.
With its team of qualified experts, MEGAMONDE acts as an agent as well as a subcontractor in Public / Private Projects between the Burkinabè State and foreign groups.

Among Our Refrences:

As an Agent and Consultant; MEGAMONDE OPERATIONS took part in the:
Production of biometrical passports, driving licenses and car registrations documents with the french group leader in augmented identity. 

Negotiations with the government for the construction of a solar power plant in the South-East of the country on one hand, and a hotel complex in Ouagadougou in collaboration with the Turkish Company on the other. 

Exchanges and the right evolution with the Burkinabe government and two major Chinese Firms,  for the creation of roads and highway (OUAGA-BOBO) and for the accomplishment of electrical works in order to enrich the national energy production capacities.

As a subcontractor and service provider: 

MEGAMONDE has carried out construction and developmental works, as well as securing buildings, furnishing, installing communication technology, network systems, delivering office supplies and furniture, as well as delivery vehicles, generators and various equipment in addition to their maintenance, etc. This was all effectuated within the PPP frame on the grounds of transport and PPP on the grounds of secure identification. 


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